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¡¡Porque todo el mundo merece una oportunidad!!

University For All (U4all) is a Non Governmental Organization for Development Cooperation (NGO) that has as main objective the promotion of the higher education in developing countries.

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Do you want to study in Oxford or Harvard for FREE?

University For All

Oxford University has organised its first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course), becoming the latest prestigious university to

University4all is now accepting applications for its volunteer programs

University For All

University4all is revisiting projects that focus on international counselling for students and that offer of a search engine for scholarships from its webpage.

Together we can give our scholarships in Nicaragua a new boost

University For All

University4all announces that, starting this year, all scholarships in Nicaragua will be temporarily suspended.

Two young Honduran girls may be engineers for 100 euros a month

University For All

U4all has decided to award scholarships to two girls of Casa Hogar who want to realize their dream of a career.

The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, UNAN-León, is celebrating its two centuries of history

University For All

The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua, UNAN-León), is celebrating its two centuries of history.


University For All

On Monday October 31st, from 22:00.


We grant our first scholarships to young people without economic resources of Nicaragua

University For All

University For All has managed to finance the first year of University to five young people with lack of economic resources of Nicaragua, successfully initiating U4all Scholarship Nicaragua Project.

The UCA will host the III Graduate Scholarship Fair on April 13

University For All

The auditorium Xabier Gorostiaga of University Central American of Nicaragua (UCA) in Managua, will house the show "Expoeduca 2011" on Wednesday April 13th.

Our project "U4Nicaragua Scholarships" in Caja Navarra

University For All

If you are a customer of CAN or have friends and family that they are, you can already collaborate voting the U4all project, "U4Nicaragua Scholarships", in its program of 'Banca Civica You choose, You decide'.

Level of access to higher education in Latin America is just 32 percent

University For All

The level of access to higher education in Latin America is 32 percent, well below the 87 percent in Europe, 67 percent in Asia and 62 percent in the United States.


U4all Scholarship

100% of the money from membership fees is intended entirely to students in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Scholarship Search Engine Project

U4all intends to be the world leader in information about college scholarships.

International Student Consultancy

If you want access to college but do not get scholarships, we will inform you personally of all the alternatives available to you. Especially we inform you about the possibilities of going to study in another country where access to university is not a barrier.