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Soon we will start granting the "U4all Scholarships"!

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University For All

U4all signs an agreement with the public University of Nicaragua UNAN-LEON.

The UNAN undertakes to manage U4Nicaragua project grants, that will fund the degrees of students who unsuccessfully applied to UNAN scholarships.

We will take into account the socio-economic level, family status, qualifications and career choice. The first scholarships will be granted in February.

Students will be pre-selected by the University, but the final selection will be carried out by U4all, responsible for raising the necessary funds.

Cost of scholarships

The Nicaraguan Government offers a grant of 600 Cordobas a month (about 22 ) to cover tuition fees, food, transportation, school supplies, etc.

The project U4Nicaragua, as part U4all Scholarship Program, will assign the same amount.

The annual scholarship (scholarships are for 12 months a year) has a cost of 264 . Therefore, a scholarship for a five-year career amounts to 1,168 €.

Furthermore, after receiving a U4all scholarship during the first year, students will remain eligible for other scholarships in the second year (replacing U4all scholarship), which allow U4all to give scholarships to more students.

Almudena Serpis