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Successful opening of U4all

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University For All

The world is in luck!

In U4all want to thank everyone for their successful launch.

Few good news to be found in the press, especially when it comes to social issues, but this is one of them.

On last Friday, coinciding with the first anniversary of the founding of U4all, it took place the official opening of the website, which was a great success. The EisBär Soundclub, where the big party was held, was filled with people who wanted to join us. aims to become the world reference in information about University scholarships to help thousands of young people around the world with limited resources to enter University.

The website is just a first step aimed at attracting more volunteers to help improve the schollarships seach engine, to organize an efficient Helpdesk team to advise students from autumn (when it is scheduled to launch for students), to help with marketing campaigns that we are preparing, etc.

So take advantage of this message, first, to make an appeal to all those who have some free time -it is all that is needed-, though an Internet connection helps a lot too, to write to us. So the Human Resources Department may contact anyone willing to help, which is then assigned to the department that is more comfortable. It depends on you as we can, harder, continue taking education further.

Secondly, I would like to congratulate all U4all volunteers, especially those who have sacrificed a lot this month (some too much), in order the website to be deployed, THANKS A LOT to all them on behalf of all the young people who will start getting help... I'd like to congratulate with nouns to Esteban, for so many sleepless nights, to Henri, to put in risk his job with the "green screen" :) , to Irene, Tati, Ula, Almu, Michelle, Hsu -Ann, Gaby, Ax, Malena, Sergio, Vinny, Jorge... All those hours of your time have not gone in vain!

Third, I can not fail to thank everyone who helped making the opening party of the website a success. To the artists, for their great performance and unconditional support without expecting anything in return... To Pepe, Michelle, and many other volunteers who have helped this week with many hours of your time...

And last but not least, to all those who supported us, especially members of CouchSurfing Madrid, THANK YOU!!

We hope to surprise you soon with more good news.

José Manuel Gago Onecha

President of University For All


Take a look at the pictures of the party in our social networks.

Here you view photos of the artists who filled the event with music:

Bernardo Tonasse:

José the Wizard:

Yerik et les Pompettes en Folie:

Photographs by: Irene Aguilera, Michelle Rodrigues and Esteban Tejedor