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Scholarship Search Engine Project

U4all works to create an easy University scholarship search engine, with full and accurate information. Started only by Nicaragua to provide quality information and gradually extend our coverage.

We need information on scholarships in Nicaragua or elsewhere, if you want to help us gathering information visit the link to our project and contact us!

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CASS Scholarship Program

The program offers a 2 year scholarship for technical training for high school graduates and scholarship for professional training in U.S. study institutions.

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

The ideal candidates for the program should demonstrate leadership through their academic excellence, community work, and extracurricular activities.

Intensive College English Program

The program’s objective is to provide a marginalized group of student leaders an educational and cultural exchange program to study English in United States universities.


Scholarship for those seeking to perfect their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture, foreigners who attend college, and those in high standing in the public and private sector.

Ministry of Education Scholarship---CEDEX

May 25, 2011 Resolution by the Public Works Center of Study and Experimentation which calls for the creation of education scholarships for personal/individual research investigation in activities and

National Agrarian University of Nicaragua Scholarship, Nicaragua

Several different scholarship types exist: a) Internal scholarship (lodging, meals, etc.) b) External scholarship (monthly stipend) c) Food scholarship d) Service scholarship e) Academic excellen

Post-Graduate Courses Relevant to Developing Countries

Directed at professional in developing countries who have completed their university degrees and have a minimum of 2 years work experience in public institutions, state, or private companies.

Regional Scholarship Program

The program is directed at Central American university professors and civil servants and non-profit organizations.

Research Scholarships for University Professors and Scientists

Directed at university professors and scientists, who for the most part, have a doctorate.

Scholarships for Artists/ Work-Study Abroad Program for University Teachers

Directed at university professors of liberal arts, music, architecture, design, and audiovisual media.