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Scholarships for Scientists/Doctoral Candidates

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Directed at scientists and young university professors.
Organismo que la otorga
Organization that awards the scholarship: DAAD- The German Academic Exchange Service
Master’s and Doctoral scholarship
What it covers: 
Scholarship duration: one to three and a half years, for a full doctorate in Germany three and a half (max four) years, plus a course in German (max six months).
Knowledge of the German language is extremely important for Humanities and Law scholarships, formal acceptance by a German professor (tutor or thesis director). Convincing and well planned research project and the support by the institution where the applicant works.
Age limit: 31 years old (at the time of applying for the scholarship) Application deadline: August 31 of each year
Applicant’s nationality: 
Central American
Places to study: 
Central American
Source Country: