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UNAN Leon, Nicaragua

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This scholarship is directed at all areas of study at the Universidad Autonoma de Nicaragua in Leon (National Autonomous University of Nicaragua), Nicaragua. The external scholarship consists of a monthly stipend. Internal scholarship: is composed of lodging and food expenses, supports the cost of study materials, partial transportation subsidy, and delivery of personal use items. Currently we support and provide lodging in our student housing units for 620 students from different parts of the country. Academic excellence scholarship: awarded to internal scholarship holders that have an excellent academic record of 90 points or higher. Those who obtain the scholarship, in addition to enjoying the benefits of that particular scholarship category, receive a stipend whose value and frequency of receipt is determined by the Central Scholarship Commission, having a minimum of 50% of the value of the external scholarship. Customs scholarship: consists of the exoneration of the matriculation fee in agreement with the budget availabilities of the program budget. Service scholarship: a monthly monetary allocation that is presented to students in accordance to their abilities who perform some service to the university.
Organismo que la otorga
Organization that awards it: National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Leon
University access scholarship
What it covers: 
Consists of a monthly monetary allocation
a. Good academic standing. Must have passed all the curriculum components in the first convocation. b. Good academic performance with a minimum of 70 points. c. Lack economic resources. d. Place of residence must be Nicaragua. e. Completed scholarship form, accompanied by the following documents: 1. Photocopy of matriculation form 2. Photocopy of university student identification card 3. Photocopy of identity card 4. Certificate of health provided by the Ministry of Health in the case of opting for an internal scholarship 5. Grade report for the previous semester (for applicants that are reenrolling) Applicants that are applying for the scholarship for the first time should present grade reports for all previous semesters. 6. Proof of parents’ or guardians’ income or annual salary 7. Photocopy of last electric, telephone, and water bill
There is a limitation regarding the number of absences or misdemeanors. See scholarship rules.
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