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Medical student at the Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN – León

Karina is originally from the city of Bluefields, about 380 kilometers from the university.

"I chose to major in medicine because it has been my dream since I was a young child and because I believe that with a medical degree I can help many people in my country that are in need. The scholarships from U4All are a huge help to students like me. Thanks to them, we can buy the necessary books and materials required for the degree as well as commute from home to the university."

"When I finish my degree I see myself in one of the best hospitals in Nicaragua, although I would also like to work in other countries around the world helping people in need. One of my dreams is to work with Doctors without Borders and support their organization with what I have learned during my studies."



Psychology Student at the Autonomous University of Nicaragua UNAN - León

"I am a student and I find it very hard to commute from my town to college because I come from a very large family. There are seven of us: my parents and my four younger siblings. Only my father works since my mom has to take care of my siblings, all of which also work very hard in regards to their education. I would like to continue receiving financial aid since it is a big help for me and because I rely on it to be able to continue at the university."

"I chose a degree in Psychology because I would like to help people resolve their problems, many of which are present here in our country. It is a very pleasant degree and I receive a really special education here at our university."