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¡¡Porque todo el mundo merece una oportunidad!!

University For All (U4all) is a Non Governmental Organization for Development Cooperation (NGO) that has as main objective the promotion of the higher education in developing countries.

Last news

U4all almost wins a contest of ideas valued at $ 25,000

University For All

In the end it couldn't be, and the Organization University For All was in the last round of the contest of ideas Big Bang Challenge 2010, sponsored by the website ideas4all.


University For All

BIG PARTY U4all in Sala Caravan on Saturday February 12th, from 22:00.

Successful first beneficent concert of U4all

University For All

About 60 people attended the concert organized by U4all on Wednesday, December 1 at Gruta 77 in Madrid, earning enough to provide a college scholarship to a student in Nicaragua.

Soon we will start granting the "U4all Scholarships"!

University For All

U4all signs an agreement with the public University of Nicaragua UNAN-LEON.

Interview: U4all in Nicaragua

University For All

Tatjana, our projects coordinator, tells us more about her trip to Nicaragua.

Nicaragua closer and closer

University For All

Our Projects Coordinator, Tatjana Jeuken, just arrived from Nicaragua where she introduced U4all.

Successful opening of U4all

University For All

The world is in luck!

In U4all want to thank everyone for their successful launch.

U4all has its first promotional video!

University For All

Our protagonist, a student desperately seeking university offers, finds the answer on the website U4all, that makes easier and quicker the work to young men like him, these "University scholarship detectives".

Review - Access University, option or right?

University For All

In the statements, dated in 1992, of the President of a Public University of Nicaragua, we find his manifesto of his clear opposition to the proposal of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Spanish Universities: few foreign students in their classrooms

University For All

The ministry of Education states that we must increase the number of people accessing the studies in Spain.


U4all Scholarship

100% of the money from membership fees is intended entirely to students in Nicaragua and Honduras.

Scholarship Search Engine Project

U4all intends to be the world leader in information about college scholarships.

International Student Consultancy

If you want access to college but do not get scholarships, we will inform you personally of all the alternatives available to you. Especially we inform you about the possibilities of going to study in another country where access to university is not a barrier.