Spanish Universities: few foreign students in their classrooms

The ministry of Education states that we must increase the number of people accessing the studies in Spain.

The General Secretary of Universities, Márius Rubiralta, has indicated that the number of international students in Spanish universities “is less than it should be.” Rubiralta has indicated that the key objective to increase this number of students is to launch an interesting university offer outside.

Spain was until now an open country, especially to Latin America. This was “the only strength” of the country, but the situation must change to generate a strong international system in the coming years, so it is necessary to “open up to other geographic areas,” said the General Secretary of Universities.

As reported by the President of the institution, Mónica Margarit, United Kingdom is the country with the highest rate of foreign students in its universities (19.5%), followed by Germany and France (11.3%). In Spain, however, it is 3.4%. According Margarit, the country “evolves moderately upward although the rates are lower than average, which is 8.7%. institution has as goal to project the Spanish Universities in the world. Márius Rubiralta and Mónica Margarit, as representatives of the institution, advocate promoting quality university offer for foreigners who want to study in Spain: “It is clear that we must prepare Spain for other rules that are going to happen in the next years, including the imposition of strong economies based on knowledge”, said Rubiralta.

Author: Maric Ibarra

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