Review – Access University, option or right?

In the statements, President of a Public University of Nicaragua, we find his clear opposition tothe proposal of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund

This proposal, which is supposedly effective today, is to give top priority to basic education for all children.

To all this the rector claimed, supported by a popular concern, which thus would focus all attention on continue to guide the country toward the production of raw materials and cheap labor, thus slowing the development of research that could be carried out in universities.

There is sense in the two statements but, do they not let pass unnoticed the obvious reality that lives countries like Nicaragua?

Many teenagers who finish secondary education are faced with the fact of not having access to college for serious economic problems, as some witnesses allege: if I go to college, first I can not afford the costs it causes me and second, if study I can not work as much as my family needs to SURVIVE.

In countries where people live with hunger, it is difficult to find a source of support for access to universities; if we seek, we can find ideas such as Uruguay Solidarity Fund, in which the contributions of graduates who have five years practicing his career is an important part of the grants awarded to new students.

All this leads to a thought, if we all share the human range, why the University is a right for me, and for others it is an unaffordable option?

Author: Nuria Vargas

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