Successful first beneficent concert of U4all

About 60 people attended the concert organized by U4all on Wednesday, December 1 at Gruta 77 in Madrid, earning enough to provide a college scholarship to a student in Nicaragua.

“We are more than happy with the result. Thank you all! Thanks to all of you who helped the youngs to fulfill the dream of accessing the University in February,” said the President of U4all, Jose Manuel Gago Onecha.

The money will go to Nicaragua U4all Scholarship Program through an agreement recently signed with the Nicaraguan public University UNAN-León, being able to pay a full year scholarship to a low-income student in Nicaragua.

Miguel Blanco opened the concert with his critical and reflective music, followed by the swing and traditional rhythms of Yerik et les Pompettes en Folie, and the concert ended with the energy of the SKEjBY’s guitars.

Furthermore, since the December 1st is a National Day in Romania, the Romanian Larisha sang to the rhythm of traditional Romanian music, dressed in folk costume and performing a traditional dance.

U4all thanks the participation of all in the success of this concert.

“The groups were very good, I was surprised at the quality of the sound and mostly at the music, I would also wholeheartedly thank his efforts, especially to those who woke up early the next day…” said Onecha.

Author: Irene Aguilera and Almudena Serpis

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