U4all almost wins a contest of ideas valued at $ 25,000

In the end it couldn’t be, and the Organization University For All was in the last round of the contest of ideas Big Bang Challenge 2010, sponsored by the website ideas4all.
Here you can see the video of the 10 finalists from which U4all got:

U4all is a Non-Profit Organization for Cooperation and Development, dedicated to promoting education in Latin American developing countries.

With the prize money, $ 25,000, U4all intended to distribute around 100 University scholarships to young people without resources Nicaragua.

Now the organization will need more efforts to achieve their goals of a deserving University education for all.

The selection of the scholarship for next year is about to begin and we need your help to increase the number of scholarships.

We want to thank everyone for their support.

Thanks to all of you who voted for us!

Author: Almudena Serpis and Enrique Ortega

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