Together we can give our scholarships in Nicaragua a new boost

University4all announces that, starting this year, all scholarships in Nicaragua will be temporarily suspended.

We hope to achieve the necessary partnerships in order to resume the project through a more competitive scholarship programme, with a bigger percentage of academic expenses for students so young people in Nicaragua can have better access to university. However, we are pleased to announce that all our scholarship holders in that country have been able to finish all the modules of the university degrees; sadly, our resources in order to maintain the competitive scholarship programme are scarce. That is why we felt obliged to continue only with the U4Honduras project.

Here at U4all we will continue to work daily to move forward with our projects and to be able to bring higher education to everybody.

We can only make this possible with your collaboration. You can easily make your contribution through our website wherever you are. Your support is important.

Author: Jana Fernandez & Natalia Lacouture

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