University4all is now accepting applications for its volunteer programs

University4all is revisiting projects that focus on international counselling for students and that offer of a search engine for scholarships from its webpage. The goal of these projects is to act as a go-between so that students will have better knowledge about universities in order to apply to the different programs offered around the world that have good reputations and are the most affordable.

Currently, these activities are temporarily frozen due to a lack of support staff, which contributes to the organization’s goals. University4all invites you to join the experience; collaborate with us to bring education to everyone.

It does not matter what country you are from. All you need is the ability to speak Spanish and a passion for working for a good cause. Don’t wait any longer. Be part of the change!

If you would like to join the U4all team, fill out the volunteers form so that we can contact you.

Author: Natalia Lacouture & Jana Fernandez

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  1. I have a passion to study in Oxford or Harvard university but I don’t have the access. Can I get any help to accomplish my dream of studying in one of this university

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