University for All wants to express its gratitude for their help and collaboration to:

  • Francisco Avendaño, for his great contribution in the first year of U4all, taking part in the foundation of the organization, as well as in other activities.
  • Gabriela Ledesma, for her precious work in the foundation and in the beginnings of U4all.
  • Urszula Iwanska, HR former coordinator, very active during the time she collaborated with us.
  • Michelle Rodrigues, Marketing Department first coordinator.
  • Marlés Carrillo, for the design of the logo and the execution of the Manual of Corporate Image.
  • Axa de Leça, for the web page photos.
  • Annie Gislerand her team, for the shooting and execution of the first promotional video: Annie Gisler (director), William Eduarte (lightning), Paola Rey (director assistant), Berenice Guzmán (sound), Christian Vélez (actor), Pablo Murillo (composer of the music for the video)and  Soma Films (production company).
  • Sergio Martínez, author of the banner that you can see at the top of the page, for his creativity and patience when doing all the changes requested.

We also want to thank the following platforms and associations for their support:

  • CouchSurfing, specially the group of Madrid, because without them this project would have never started, and for being always there.
  •, for helping us disinterestedly since the first moment, and for encouraging us to create an NGO.
  • And, more generally, to all the NGOs and Institutions that, one way or another, have supported us, giving us courage to create our own NGO and be the first organization devoted to this kind of mission..

Thanks everyone for your help!

Regards from all the team of U4all.