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The Meaning of the Logo

NGO University for All  logo is made up as follows: The letter U with three circles over a green background, the name of the institution and the slogan.

Logo U4all


In every tradition, the circle has always symbolized totality. Here, it stands for all the areas of human knowledge. The three circles also represent the union between U4all Workers and Volunteers (1st circle), Students (2nd circle), Sponsors and Members (3rd circle). All of them, as a group, are necessary elements to guarantee the right to education for those who want to study beyond the barriers.

The letter “U”  indicates University, but also Union.


Green color stands for life and hope: a union for a decent life (green) in its entirety (circle). The two green shades in“University for All” point out the aim of the NGO actions, also based on environmental questions. By this, the NGO addresses the individual, the social and the planetary realities.

By means of its darkest shade, the green also represents the blackboard, which is present in schools and universities from all around the world. Over it, the white writing of the slogan remains the chalk used for writing by every teacher.



As a whole, the logo composition brings to mind images who stress movement and flexibility. In this sense, in the perspective of a gradual consolidation of its mission, University for All shows flexibility and dynamism.



The slogan “Taking education further” remind us that our work consist of taking education beyond: geographic borders, social classes and secondary education.