Mission and Vision


Our mission is to promote and encourage the educational development of young people that would like to obtain a university degree, but that lack the necessary economic resources. We take action by raising awareness of the society, organizing scholarship programs and distributing information about available opportunities, such as scholarships and financial aid, in different parts of the world.


We hope to use education as a means to help eradicate poverty. We would like to become an international-level NGO with our own grant program, also providing students with information regarding financial aid for educational purposes.


I. To be recognized as a professional and international organization by the countries affected by our work.

II. To be leaders of dependable information about international scholarships.

III. Develop our own unique scholarship program to be offered in a number of countries.

IV. To offer a useful and user friendly scholarship program.

V. To be an organization that sparks the interest of others.


I. Responsibility. Our commitment to our cause goes beyond any personal or economical interest.

II. II. Respect for human rights. We respect freedom of cultural, moral and religious expression, provided that it respects others.

III. Professionalism. Our work is carried out in a serious, committed and responsible manner.

IV. Equality. We believe in both social and gender equality.

V. Respect for the environment. Our activities are carried out in an environmentally friendly manner.

VI. Transparency. VI. Our management, as well as our actions, are clear, open and sincere.

VII. Honesty and integrity. We take responsibility for our actions and we commit to providing truthful and verifiable information.

VIII. Cooperation and flexibility. We believe in teamwork and the use of new ideas for improvement and constant progress.

IX. Compassion and solidarity. Our work is always focused on helping others.

X. Enthusiasm. We enjoy our work and we encourage others to do the same

XI. Education. We believe that education is the key element to our personal and professional activities