Who we are, what we do

Who We are

University For All (U4All) is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization for Development Cooperation, established in 2009, registered before the  Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID, for its acronym in Spanish), and registered before the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs with the registry number 593891 and taxpayer’s ID number G/85881167.

University For All is an organization independent of any political party or religion. It is a plural organization where anyone can find a place regardless of their gender, race, nationality, or their religious, philosophical, or political beliefs.

The purpose of University for All is promoting the educational development of young people who wish to obtain a university degree, but lack the financial resources to achieve their goals in their home countries. We believe that by aiding and financing their access to a university education, these young students have the possibility to improve their lives, as well as those of their families, and their communities, by becoming the main driving force behind the development of their country and by succeeding in the eradication of poverty.


What we do

The activities of the organization are focused on:

  • First: Financing the university education of those who are trying to have access to it or are currently on the way of getting a university degree, but have financial problems paying for their studies; starting with people in developing countries..
  • Second: Easing the communication and access of young people to the information sources of scholarships and assistance to continue their university education, specifically to those who are about to finish high-school and wish to apply for a university education. .
  • Third: Protecting the rights of every person that wants to shape their professional future through university studies, without the economical factor being a cause of discrimination.
  • Fourth: Addressing the concerns and suggestions raised by students, in order to our association acts as interlocutor to the academic community and to higher education organizations.
  • Fifth: Advise, inform and promote alternatives for young people to pursue graduate studies in developed countries.
  • Sixth: Taking an active part in federations and organisms of any field, which have similar goals than those of U4all.
  • Seventh: Organizing activities with the purpose of raising public awareness of the importance of giving young people of limited means the chance to pursue a university education.
  • Eighth: Providing forums to build awareness about people’s right to receive quality university education, regardless of the region of the planet in which they live, and about the need for professionals and volunteers that aid in the orientation and promotion of this right.