Almudena Serpis

Head of the Communication Team

Almudena is passionate about language, and as coordinator of the editorial team, she is in charge of writing the contents of U4all and that the texts are suitable for publication. He didn’t think twice about getting into U4all after meeting Onecha. The project seemed like a fantastic idea.

After finishing university education in Madrid, at age 17 he went to study the journalism and audiovisual communication career in London, and immediately afterwards he completed a master’s degree in international journalism. Then he returned to Madrid to write (he has a book pending publication) and to devote himself to photography. He recently went to Amsterdam to work for Greenpeace and continues his duties at U4all from a distance.

He loves dancing (like the whole team), writing, photography, cinema, reading, soaking up culture and protecting the environment.

His phrase: “Let’s do it.”