Esteban Tejedor

Head of Webteam (Founding Member)

His curiosity to learn from each opportunity presented to him, led him to accept the proposal of our president Onecha to create an organization that will help people to continue their studies.

Its function within U4all is to coordinate the technological team, and also, as a founding member, to be aware of everything that happens in the organization, participating in the most active way possible in whatever comes up, which is not a small thing!

Esteban has been working in the computer world for ten years, first as a programmer, then as an analyst, and then as a freelance developer, as well as collaborating for two years as a volunteer in a school support project for children with low education.

His greatest pleasure is to travel, the farther, the better, to meet people from different cultures; Also interested in attending courses, plays, movies, reading books and through the Internet, always trying to save some time for sport and … to dance! Currently living in Vietnam.

His phrase: “Integrate in your character selfless service to others; then everything will be easier. “