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General Conditions of use and user-information GENERAL CONDITIONS OF USE AND USER INFORMATION

U4all makes the U4all Portal available free for all of its users (hereafter, individually, the “PORTAL”). The access and use of the PORTAL’s services and/or contents shall be governed by the provisions of current General Conditions (hereafter, the “GENERAL CONDITIONS”).

1.- U4all offers all of its users (hereafter, individually, the “USER”, and jointly, the “USERS”) the possibility to browse the site, accessing the contents and services of the PORTAL, as long as they do so in accordance with the presents GENERAL CONDITIONS.


In all cases, U4all reserves the right to, in any moment and without previous notice, modify or delete the content, structure, design, services, and conditions of access and/or use of this website, whenever believed appropriate, as well as the right to interpret the present conditions, in regards to whatever questions may arise from its application.

The PORTAL that U4all offers Internet users and the responsible entity is:, homepage of the Association University for all (U4all), whose registered address is Calle Ríos Rosas 51 – 5B 28003 Madrid.

2.- Requirements for the access and use of the services and contents of the portals.

In order to use some of the PORTAL’s services, it is necessary to be registered as a USER.

On the other hand, some of the contents and services of the PORTAL are not accessible without the previous payment of the value or fee that, in its case, corresponds in agreement with their particular Conditions.

The access and/or use of the PORTAL is completely voluntary and ascribes whoever does so the condition of USER. Each USER, from the moment he/she gains access, accepts without any type of reservation, the content of the present GENERAL CONDITIONS as well as, in this case, the “Particular Conditions” that can complement, substitute, or modify them in any sense related to the services and contents of the PORTAL. Therefore, the USER should thoroughly read all of the conditions before accessing and using any of the PORTAL’s services, taking full responsibility.

In any case U4all reserves the right to, in any moment without previous notice, deny access to the PORTAL or deactivate or reject the registration of those registered USERS who fail to comply with any of the GENERAL CONDITIONS or the particular conditions that apply to them.

3.- General Principles- User Responsibiity.

The user is obligated to use the services and contents provided by the PORTAL in accordance with the current legislation, the principles of good faith, and the generally accepted uses, and not to violate public order or what is set forth in the present GENERAL CONDITIONS with his/her actions in the PORTAL. Any use with illicit ends or that, in any way, damages, obstructs, can harm and/or overload the use and normal functioning of the PORTAL is therefore prohibited. Any use that directly or indirectly threatens them or any third party is also prohibited.

The USER of the PORTAL will not transmit, through the services, tools, utilities, evaluations or comments about the PORTAL’s contents, anything that threatens the values and dignity of people, in agreement with international and national standards of human rights protections.

The USER promises to supply true and exact information about himself/herself in his/her PORTAL registration forms, and to provide an external email that is registered under his/her name.

Also, the reproduction, distribution, transmission, adaptation or modification, by any means or in any form, of the online contents of the PORTAL (texts, designs, graphics, information, data-bases, sound and/or image archives, logos, and other elements of these sites) is prohibited without the previous authorization of their legitimate owners or when, in this way, it is legally permitted.

4.- Conditions that should be fulfilled by users who want to establish a hyperlink between their webpage and the PORTAL.

The reproduction of pages of the PORTAL via a hyperlink from another portal or webpage is not permitted; only access to them is permitted.

Under no circumstance can it be understood that U4all authorizes the hyperlink or that is has in any form supervised or assumed the services or contents offered by the website from which the hyperlink is made.

False, incorrect, or inexact statements or references about the pages and services of U4all cannot be made.

The page from which the hyperlink is established cannot have any emblem that makes reference to the PORTAL, with the exception of signs that are integrated directly into the hyperlink.

The creation of any type of navigator, program, browser, or border environment about the pages of the PORTAL is explicitly prohibited.

Contents that conflict with the rights of third parties or with the good and moral habits that are accepted, or illicit content or information, cannot be included in the webpage from which the hyperlink is established.

The existence of a hyperlink between a webpage and the PORTAL does not imply the existence of relations between U4all and the owner of the webpage nor the acceptance and approval of its contents and services.

5.- USER responsibility. Use of the U4all social network. Entry of comments in blogs and forums. Use of email and security measures.

5.1.- User responsibility.

The USER is to be the only one responsible for the use of the PORTAL and for the complete compliance with these GENERAL CONDITIONS. Therefore, the USER is required to keep secret, in the nature of confidential information, his/her access codes, passwords, and similar information that enable access to the PORTAL or to any of its services. The USER will be responsible for any harm or damage of any type caused by the misuse or abuse of the portal by the USER or by third parties, both against the USER, considering the suffered damages to be a consequence of the his/her negligence, as well as the damage the U4all can suffer as a result of the failure to comply with the present GENERAL CONDITIONS.

5.2.- Use of the U4all Social Network

Through the services of the U4all social network (hereafter, the “Network”), that the PORTALS offer their USERS, the USER can share information, communicate and connect with friends and new contacts from the different PORTALS that make up the Network.

Regarding the use of the services of the Network, the USER assumes the following obligations:

a) THE USER will use the services of the Network for his/her personal use and will never use the Network for economic or commercial ends without the previous authorization of U4all.

b) THE USER will not provide false personal information on the Network, and will be the only person responsible for the real and truthful communication of his/her personal information.

c) THE USER will not create a false account, or impersonate a third party without authorization.

d) THE USER agrees to use the Network and its contents responsibly.

e) THE USER is required to assure that any publication of contents on the Network does not violate in any way the current regulations, intellectual property rights, contractual rights, or any other type of right held by any person – physical or legal, public or private.

f) THE USER will not accommodate, store, divulge or publish any type of content, image, or opinion that could be offensive, damaging, or threatening to other users, that violates in any way the fundamental rights of honor, the personal and familial image and privacy of third parties or any other regulations which are applied, or that are illicit or criminal, as well as those that go against good faith, morality and public order (these may include, for example, contents that are offensive, that incite racism or intolerance against a person or group of people, contents that are obscene or pornographic, or contents that promote deceptive, defamatory, or slanderous information).

g) THE USER will not use the Network to collect or compile the contact information of other USERS with the end of sending them unsolicited messages and/or information.

h) THE USER will not use the Network to send publications, advertisements, illicit, immoral or promotional offers, or to send mass and/or repeated unsolicited emails to the USERS.

U4all will in no case be responsible for the improper use of the Network and its contents, as the USER will be the only one responsible for the harm and damage that may arise from improper use of the Network or from the infraction of what is stated in the present conditions. The USER agrees to leave the association U4all unharmed in the face of the claims or sanctions it could receive from third parties, either individuals or public or private entities, as a result of said infractions, as well as from harm and damages of any type that can also be suffered as a result of these infractions.

The association U4all can remove any content and information published on the Network if it considers that it violates the USER’s present obligations, if U4all receives a complaint from a third party regarding the infraction of the conditions here examined, or when, because of this, damages could be incurred.

The association U4all reserves the right to freeze or cancel the USER’s account in his/her respective PORTALS, without previous warning. This act should not generate any indemnity if, according to its own criteria, U4all considered the USER to have seriously failed to comply with the present conditions of the use of the Network.

5.3.- Entry of comments in blogs and forums

Regarding the entry of comments in the blogs and forums of the PORTAL, the USER is required not to enter comments that can be found offensive, defamatory, harmful, or slanderous for third parties, that go against morality, public order, or personal dignity, or that in any other way can turn out to be illicit or illegal or cause harm to third parties.

The association U4all reserves the right, immediately and without previous warning, to remove from the blogs and forums of its respective PORTALS those comments that, in its judgment, do not comply with what is stated in the previous paragraph.

5.4.- Use of email and security measures.

Regarding the use of the email service, in the case that this service is available in any one of the PORTALS, the USER is required to use his/her email account at U4all with exclusively private, individual, and non-lucrative ends. The use of email account in any of the PORALS with professional, commercial or business ends (like, for example, the designations of this account as the contact address for activities of this kind), to make spam, or for illegal, fraudulent, abusive, or deceitful activities is expressly prohibited. U4all is authorized to cancel the email accounts that are suspected to carry out any of these activities or to unsubscribe the USERS who hold these accounts.

In compliance with the legal regulation, U4all will inform its USERS that the email service, in those PORTALS that offer it, have the following security measures: housing in high availability, network servers, anti-spam, anti-virus, firewall and load-balancing systems, and the restriction of access by passwords for the technicians responsible for its maintenance.

Any infraction of these GENERAL CONDITIONS can provoke extrajudicial proceedings, civil or penal legal action against the USER, who should leave U4all unharmed in the face of whatever claims, demands, and damages that it could suffer as result of any infraction.

6.- Exclusion of Guarantees and Responsibility

U4all does not guarantee or take responsibility, in any case or circumstance, for the following facts and contents, or for any damages or harm that could result from them:

Lack of availability, continuity, access, maintenance, and effective functioning of the PORTAL and/or its services and the updatedness, accuracy, thoroughness, appropriateness, relevance and reliability of its contents, whatever be the cause and the difficulties, whether the said facts have their origin in technical problems or are of another nature.

The transmission and/or existence of a virus or elements or programs that are harmful to USERS’s computers, as a result of access, use or examination of the site, or that could alter their electronic documents or files.

The illicit, negligent, fraudulent use, impersonation of a third party or use that goes against the content of the GENERAL CONDITIONS, good faith, generally admitted uses, or the public order, by the USERS of the PORTAL of its services and contents.

With the exception of those signs that form part of the hyperlink itself, the webpage in which the hyperlink is established should not contain any brand, commercial name, establishment label, name, logo, slogan, or other distinctive signs that belong to U4all.

The violations or infractions of the laws, uses, or current customs involving intellectual property rights, industrial property, business or contractual secrets, privacy rights, honor, image, property, publicity, or competition, among others, of third parties.

Errors or defects in the contents and/or services that are accessed through the PORTAL.

For the reception, storage, obtaining, circulation or transmission of the contents of the PORTAL on the part of USERS.

For the knowledge of any piece of information that unauthorized third parties could have or use about the characteristics and circumstances of the use of the contents and services of the PORTAL by the USERS.

For the failure, by third parties, to comply with their obligations or derivative or contracted guarantees in relation to the services given to the USERS through the PORTAL, as well as for the lack of quality, reliability, compliance with the offer, legality, utility, and availability of the services offered by third parties and placed at the disposition of the USERS in these sites.

The previous enumeration only has an expository character and is not, in anyway, exclusive or excluding in any of its points. In all of the suppositions, U4all EXCLUDES ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE DAMAGES AND HARM OF ANY KIND DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY CAUSED BY THEM AND BY ANY OTHER NOT SPECIFIED WITH ANALOGOUS CHARACTERISTICS.

7.- Links

THE PORTAL, within its contents, includes links to sites belonging to and/or managed by third parties in order to facilitate the access to information and services available through the Internet.

U4all does not assume any responsibility derived from the existence of links between the contents of the PORTAL and exterior contents or from any other mention of external contents in this site. These links or mentions have an exclusively informative end and, in no way, imply support, approval, marketing, or any relationship between U4all and the people or entities that author and/or manage these contents or the owners of the sites where they are found, or any guarantee by U4all regarding the correct functioning of the linked sites and contents.

In this sense, the USER is required to apply maximum diligence and prudence when accessing or using the contents or services of the sites that he/she accesses by virtue of the mentioned links.

8.- Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights

The words, designs, images, databases, logos, structure, brands and other elements of the PORTAL are protected by laws and the international treaties about intellectual and industrial property. Any reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, public communication, or any other exploitation of all or part of the content of this site, carried out in any form or by any means – electronic, mechanical, or other- is strictly prohibited without previous written authorization by U4all. Any infraction of these rights can provoke corresponding civil or penal, judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.

U4all does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind regarding its intellectual and industrial property rights, or regarding any other property or right related to the PORTAL, its services, or its contents.

The legitimacy of the intellectual and industrial property rights that correspond to the content contributed by third parties is exclusively their own responsibility.

In order to preserve the possible intellectual property rights, in the case that any USER of third party considers that his/her legitimate rights have been violated by the entry of a certain content in the PORTAL, he/she should notify the owner of the PORTAL in which the violation of rights occurred of said circumstance in writing, indicating:

Personal identifying data of the concerned owner of the allegedly infringed rights. If a third party, different from the concerned party, presents the claim, he/she should indicate with which representation he/she acts.

Indication of the contents protected by intellectual property rights and their location in the PORTAL.

Accreditation of the existence, ownership, and legality of the cited intellectual property rights.

Express declaration in which the concerned party takes responsibility for the truthfulness of the facts and information provided in the notification to which this point refers.

9.- Google Analytics

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