Interview: U4all in Nicaragua

Tatjana, our projects coordinator, tells us more about her trip to Nicaragua, funded by herself, which served as a springboard for us to learn about the reality of the country and work with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN)

Tatjana met with members of the UNAN and organizations like Fe y Alegría, la Fundación APAN, etc. She visited Managua and other cities such as León, Diriamba, Masaya and Somoto.

How was the reception?

All welcomed me with open arms. For example, when I visited the Fundación APAN, high school kids did a traditional dance for me in front of a large banner of thanks. In Nicaragua have long awaited opportunities to invest in education and notice the desire and enthusiasm when an outsider comes to offer help.

Why did you decide to do this trip?

Among other things, to see with my own eyes how things were in Nicaragua in education and verify that the information we had collected was true, I was glad to see it and to share the experience with U4all.

How education is presented in the Nicaraguan media?

Almost every day an article about education appears in the newspapers, most speaking of the need for supplies and the precariousness of the existing ones. Every day there were student demonstrations in front of the universities, so that this situation has come to normalize.

Tell us about the needs of students nationwide.

There is so much poverty. The minimum wage is about 1500 Cordobas (50 euros). The Internet in the public university costs 10 Cordobas, food 30, enrollment is about 850 Cordobas per year… and see adding… for them this is a lot, but compared to the euro… with what we spent on a meal here we could pay half of their annual tuition (15 euros is about 450 Cordobas)

What do you highlight of the trip?

During my time there I did not have any bad experience and I was surrounded by so cute people. I made friends I still keep in touch and… we get to start a partnership with the UNAN .

We are delighted with this new agreement … More details very soon. Thanks Tatjana!

Author: Almudena Serpis

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