Interview: U4all in Nicaragua

Tatjana, our projects coordinator, tells us more about her trip to Nicaragua, funded by herself, which served as a springboard for us to learn about the reality of the country and work with the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Nicaragua (UNAN) Read More

Nicaragua closer and closer

Our Projects Coordinator, Tatjana Jeuken, just arrived from Nicaragua where she introduced U4all. Read More

Successful opening of U4all

The world is in luck!

In U4all want to thank everyone for their successful launch. Read More

U4all has its first promotional video!

Our protagonist, a student desperately seeking university offers, finds the answer on the website U4all, that makes easier and quicker the work to young men like him, these “University scholarship detectives”. Read More

Review – Access University, option or right?

In the statements, President of a Public University of Nicaragua, we find his clear opposition tothe proposal of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund Read More